Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010

I had Bambi killed.

Tuesday, our neighbor saw in our yard, a deer that was laying down and it looked it might be sick or injured. Over the day, it moved around a little bit, but still came and layed down. The neighbor had called Animal Control, but they couldn't help. That evening, we called a wildlife rescue who said they couldn't come out and help because of the size of the deer. But, they did tell us that we should give it another 24 hours and see what happens. They said that the deer would either 1. die 2. might be in labor or 3. may get up and leave.  If it was still there in 24 hours, they said we should call a State wildlife officer.

Wednesday, we didn't see the deer.  We had hoped that maybe the deer was in labor and had a baby. But, we were at work all day.

Thursday, after going out midday with the kids, I saw the deer. It was snuggled into the bushes by our front door. It didn't move, but I could see it breathing.

I called the Wildlife officer. He said they could not try and rehab the deer because of the overpopulation (A term I disagree with, but I digress.  I mean isn't it the humans that are overpopulated and taking over the deer's territory?) Anyway, he came to our house and he had to put the deer down. I felt really bad, but I hope that I did the right thing. I hope that it ended it's suffering. Being that it was so cold, and it been laying around for a few days, I doubted that it would recover from whatever it was ailing from.

Rest in peace, Bambi.

P.S. -- The kids didn't know anything about what happened. Emmett thought the Wildlife officer had come out the house to make sure everyone was safe and happy.