Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nutshell Update

It has been one of those weeks. Really.

Saturday, Molly came down with a fever (Which I was thinking is probably side effect of Thursday's immunization). Emmett got a cough. Spent all weekend with lumpy little girl on my lap.

Monday, thought Molly was better and took her to school. 9:30am-- School calls. Molly fever is back. Go to pick up the kids, get thrown up on by Molly, and the school thermometer says 106! I freak out and go straight to the Doctor's office. (Temp at the doctor's office was 103.7) We get Tylenol and diagnosis of ear infection for Molly and potential strep throat for Emmett. After a not fun trip to Walmart including a snafu with the insurance card, we go home with 2 prescriptions of zithromax at full price.

Tuesday, I work in the morning, Emmett goes to school, and Seth and Molly stay home. In the afternoon I switch off with Seth to take care of Molly. When I get home, the house seems a bit warm. Come to find out the AC has stopped working. Gets up to 87 degrees in the house. Remember Molly with a fever? We end up with a field trip the Holiday Inn Express for the evening.

Wednesday, everyone to work and school. But, school calls at 2pm because Molly has slight fever. (We also notice that Molly now has a total of 8, yes 8!, teeth coming in all at the same time!) Seth picks kids up. I am finishing my last day at work at my current job. Before leaving for the day, am informed that I40 is shut down because of a suspicious object (possible pipe bomb) so I have to take 70 home. After an hour commute, I get home to my hot house, but a good family who is all on the mend, and a nice bottle of champagne and chocolate to celebrate my last day.

Today, home with the kids, and AC repair man is here as we speak. The upswing. Thank goodness.

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Elizabeth @ Southern Comfort said...

Girl, the clouds are lifting! I know it's been a tough week, but at least now whenever you feel bad for yourself you can always look back on this post to realize maybe, just maybe you've had a worse week. :) Yay for AC!