Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back to School

It is back to school time. Now that my office is right dab in the middle of a college town, I have seen all the students trickle back into town. Kinda makes me feel old. However, we are never too old to learn, right? So, using my lovely tuition waiver I get as an employee, I am taking a class this semester. Intro to Epidemiology online. It will be useful knowledge for my job, and hopefully just generally interesting. I hope I still  have what it takes to study, etc! I'll keep you posted!


Elizabeth @ Southern Comfort said...

Yay for a fun class! I loooooved that class in college. I hope you learn as much interresting information as I did. I look back on that semester fondly. I miss seeing your face!


Anonymous said...

You DO have what it takes, go for it.