Saturday, August 7, 2010

Self Feeding Pros and Cons

Molly is now full fledged eating "real" food! It means I don't have to sit at the table with her and spoon feed her purees anymore. She can feed herself and that is great. However, with this milestone comes a con.

Massive clean up.

Hair, face, hands, arms, ears, elbows, clothes... and that's just Molly. Then there is the table, high chair, bib, and floor. It take a wet paper towel or two to clean her up, a dish cloth to the table and high chair, and a broom to the floor, and sometimes mop or sponge as well. For every meal.

Yes, the bib with the pocket does help. (Why didn't they think of this a long time ago? Genius.) But, really the only thing that would help minimize the mess is to put her in the yard to eat. And I guess that just wouldn't be cool.

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