Sunday, October 17, 2010

Date Night!

Saturday, the kids schools offered Parents Night Out. From 4-7, they let us bring the kids and they fed them pizza, showed a movie and let them play. It was great! Seth and I were able to go out to a nice restaurant for dinner and a pub for a beer. You really enjoy the ability to have an uninterrupted conversation and enjoy your food while not having to get up to get more milk, wipe hands, or pick up flung food. Ah, it went by so fast. But, it also gave a few minutes to reflect on how lucky we are and what a great little family we have. It was all happy to go and pick up the kids.

I hope they do this again soon!


Elizabeth @ Southern Comfort said...

sounds fun! Mommy-hood is the best job in the world, but it sure makes you miss the little things about being an adult. :) xoxo

Its me said...