Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I love Carters outlet

I buy a good majority of Molly's wardrobe at the Carter's outlet. And for good reason! First, most of their clothes for girls are really cute, made well, and comfortable for play.

Second, it is an outlet, so the prices are great. I bought 4 onesies, 4 shirts, 6 pants, 1 pant/shirt set,  and 1 dress for about $50. That is a good deal.

Also, this outlet store is always well stocked, and they have many items that mix and match. I like this, and it makes it much more likely that when my husband dresses Molly that her outfit will actually match. In addition, I think their sizing is right on.

The boy's clothes on the other hand? Well, the baby stuff is cute, but for my 4 year old's size, not so much. Most of it is just not all that cute, and about 90% of it is sports related. Can't they come up with more things for boys than sports? Just wondering.

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