Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Front Door

So I am thinking about changing the color of our front door. Everytime I leave our house, or return to our house, I think, "the front door is SO boring." It needs a punch of color. What do you think? Here is the current front door (all I have is last Halloween's picture):

So you can see we have a black door and off-white siding. The shutters are also black.

I like a red door, but I just don't know.
Is that too expected and traditional?

What about this green door? I really kind of like it.

I don't think I like yellow. Wouldn't it look too bumble bee-ish with our black shutters?
Any suggestions?


Elizabeth @ Southern Comfort said...

Go for the green girl!

Anonymous said...

Three colors on the house are usually enough unless you want to change the shutters too. Some nice hardware on the black door will really jazz it up. Brass kick plate, knob with back plate and knocker.