Monday, September 13, 2010


Here is the setup: Because I work 12 hour days, my husband is usually the one to drop off and pick up the kids from day care. But, we take turns on picking up a sick child early.

It was my turn last Wednesday. Molly had a stomach bug. I picked her up, then went to Emmett's classroom to get him. As I was waiting in the hallway for Emmett to come, Molly threw up all over me and the floor. Apparently they had macaroni for lunch that day. I would like to add that the last 2 times I picked up a sick child, I was also thrown up on at the school. My timing is impeccable.

However, having to soldier on, I cleaned up with school paper towels, which needless to say, did not provide much absorbency. Once I finally got the kids to the car, and strapped in, I got in the car and decided I would take my shirt off to drive home as not inflict my seat belt with the remnants of the expelled. Who would see, right?

As I approached our house, I spied my father-in-law's truck in the driveway. Crap! I drove past my house and around the block. I carefully put my shirt back on (ugh) and made my way back to the house. It was not until I was in the driveway, that I remembered he had left his truck there because he was travelling with a friend up north. Double ugh. I put that nasty shirt on for nothing.

What's a mom blog without a good barf story, right?

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