Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Big Girl

Tonight with our dinner, we all had corn on the cob. Well, except Molly. Molly got cut corn. This apparently just would not do in her world. She had to have corn on the cob just like everyone else. She wanted to be a big girl. So I gave it to her.

It was so cute for her to be so proud to be holding this big corn, but then so funny for her to try and eat it with her little mouth. I think she managed to eat a little. But after that, she discovered that it was even more fun just to bang with it on the table.

It is interesting to see what constitutes being a "big kid" at different ages. For 15 month old Molly, today it was having corn on the cob. For four year old Emmett, it was picking out, and changing his clothes without any help.

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