Friday, April 9, 2010

Dreams of staying at home

Oh to be a stay at home mom. I wish I could be. Or do I? Is it all that I imagine it would be? Or would it come with it's own set of cons? I have to think, though, that the cons of staying at home have to be not as bad as the cons of being a working mom. Anyone have any input on that?

I do wish I had the opportunity to find out. Ok, sure, lack of adult interaction... but isn't that what playdates, and girls night out are for? And feeling lack of professional worth... but couldn't I volunteer or do a side business? It just seems to be that the downsides of being a SAHM are fixable, but the downsides of working... not so much.

Love for someone to change my mind on that. Can't help but feeling today that SAHM is a luxury. And I can't afford it.


LauraC said...

I have a good friend who just wrote a post about this (or rather part one of a series of posts):

After reading tons of SAHM blogs, I'd say the downsides are:

* No downtime from the kids
* Not a lot of adult interaction
* Less income

But sometimes I think the grass is greener too! Every morning when we're having a crappy morning scramble or when the kids are insane at pick up time, I think it would be nice to be in charge of their day. Also I would love to have much more vacation time so I'm not using it just for illnesses!

Elizabeth @ Southern Comfort said...

At least you get several days where you are home with the kiddos. I would love to be a SAHM one day. Yes, there are cons, but being able to watch my kids grow and not miss a minute definately outweighs my need to be a professional. One day, maybe, hopefully. And yes, I would definately volunteer (even if it's at the preschool) or have side business.