Saturday, June 19, 2010

Garden Explosion!

Ok, prepare for a bunch of pictures of vegetables. I know, you can't stand the excitement, can you? In order to be properly amazed by these pictures, first visit this post of the garden a few weeks after planting. Now, note that these pictures were taken a mere 19 days ago. Can you believe the difference?

Here is what we picked yesterday.
Some of those cukes are supposed to be pickling cukes, but they got a little out of hand!

Banana peppers



Molly and the cucumber plants




The wide view

More tomatoes

There are so many reasons to love a garden. You connect with your food and your seasons. You get great tasting organic veggies. And my favorite reason is that you get your kids involved. Emmett has really enjoyed digging in the dirt, planting seeds, and see what grows in the garden. The only challenge is that we just don't have enough time to weed as we should so the grasses have invaded the garden a bit. Oh well, some things you just have to let go when you have pre-schoolers. It is definitely still worth the effort to have a garden.

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