Thursday, June 3, 2010

Small Pleasures

In our house, we only have 2 bathrooms. Which means the kids bathroom is also the guest bathroom. As you can imagine, this can pose some challenges in accommodating both adult and child. Our 4 year old still uses his kid size toilet seat. And out of all them, I like this one by Baby Bjorn. It is well designed and easy to use.

But it can be messy, and is not very inviting for the adult guest to remove. Or for our son to replace when he is in a hurry. Hence, my new purchase: the Kohler Transitions toilet seat.

It has a lid, kid size seat, and adult seat. Perfect! Easier to clean!
No moving around another seat.

Sometimes it is the small things.

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LauraC said...

I believe Jon bought something similar at Home Depot or Lowes for slightly less money. We have one toilet upstairs and one toilet downstairs with these seats and love them!