Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oak Tree Drama

Scene: My house, 3am
Boom! (Windows rattle)

Me: Did you hear that?

Husband: (asleep) What? Hear what?

Me: You didn't hear that?

Husband: No

Me: (waits, hears nothing more, puts head back down on pillow) Oh well.

Scene: My house 6:20 am
I get in my car at the back of the house heading to work, pull around to front of house, see source of last evening's boom.

Me: Oh my gosh!!!

And this is what I see:

A limb the size of a regular tree fell off our 200 year old oak tree. Apparently, a good bit of it was rotted. I am a little concerned about the health of the rest of the tree, so I think we will have an Arborist come check it out soon.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my Gosh, glad no one was around.