Thursday, June 17, 2010

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt

I found a new place to go for a tasty treat! Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt in Chapel Hill. I went after seeing a post on the blog, "Notes From a Mom in Chapel Hill". And by the way, if you live in the Triangle area, this blog is great for parents. All different places to take your kids are described and reviewed on this site. Check it out. Click here for her post on Orange Leaf.

They have several different flavors to choose from... I got a little of Original Tart (which I loved!), Peanut Butter, and chocolate. They were all good. Emmett got Strawberry which I tasted and was surprised at just how strawberry-ish it was! The toppings bar had a lot to choose from, however, I didn't get any this time. Emmett got strawberries and chocolate chips. You could even get chocolate sauce, caramel, or whipped cream. But be careful! Price is determined by weight so if you fill up your bowl too high, you may end up paying a good bit. It was $7.20 for both of ours.
You can see all their flavors and toppings at their website.

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