Monday, February 22, 2010

The Duggars

Ok, another confession. I am intrigued by the Duggar family. At first, I wasn't sure why. I mean, they are NOTHING like me. But, yet, I found myself with respect for a lot of things, but also confusion and disbelief at other things. To start, here are some things I think the Duggars have right:
1. They try to be positive about every situation and not be judgemental about others.
2. They finanicially support themselves with no debt. I find this quite impressive.
3. They don't focus on material goods.
4. They buy used, and shop consignme
5. They are trying to be more eco-friendly
6. Ms. Duggar breastfeeds her babies.
7. They try to help one another as much as they can.
8. They teach their kids lots of skills such as music, cooking, sewing, gardening.

If every family did all, or even some, of these things, we'd be alot better off.
However, there are still some things I just don't really understand:
1. They don't allow their children much access to television and popular media. My question is, if your faith is so strong, why do you feel they need to shelter? If your faith is so strong, it should not be so easily disrupted by being exposed to differing opinions.
2. The girls do not wear pants. Why? Is there somewhere in the bible that says girls can't wear pants?
3. Is it really fair for the older girls to have to be mother to younger children since their are too many kids for the parents to parent themselves?
4. If the doctor said that being pregnant again would be jeopardizing to Michelle's health, would they still get pregnant? A woman with a history of that many pregnancies has a higher risk of hemorrhage.
5. The whole rationale that they use for not preventing pregnancy just doesn't make sense to me.

So, anyways, I say to each their own. And they do a good job at supporting themselves, both finanicially and emotionally. I would, however, love to know the REAL thoughts of some of their children. It would be very interesting to know if any of them will break away from their parents teaching as they grow up. Will any of them rebel and wear more revealing clothes, or go to college and learn more worldly ways? Will any of them reject religion? Will any of them be resentful of having to be a mommy in their childhood? It would be very interesting to know.

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