Sunday, February 28, 2010

Visit to my past life

Today for a little while, I left the kids and the husband to fend for themselves as I went out to a bookstore. This is a bookstore the hubby and I used to frequent quite often, and I hadn't been there in sometime. In fact it's been about 3 years, or since before my kids were born. As I walked in, I saw the usual crowd leisurely reading their book of choice while slowly sipping a latte or some other overpriced coffee concoction. And I found myself thinking, "Wow, look at all those people with nothing more urgent to do." I also noticed that none of them looked like moms of small children. Why? Because moms of small children don't leisurely do anything.

Also, I used to just pick whatever book I wanted and not think about what it cost. Today, the book I was considering was only available in hardcover and it was $27.99. And I thought, almost 30 bucks? For a book I will read in 2-3 days? I don't think so. I will wait for the paperback. But, I am glad for that. I am glad I am forced to be more purposeful with where I spend my dollar. Beyond helping stick to a budget, it also makes me more insightful into what is important, and selecting carefully where my money goes.

Seeing these folks at the bookstore reminded me of the days BC where hubby and would really not have much of anything to do on the weekends except for go out to eat, see movies, and go piddle around bookstores. It seems a lifetime ago. Oddly enough, I did not feel a longing for this era of my life, rather, I find myself quite happy that even though finding "me time" is a lot harder than it used to be, and life is quite busy, that my life now is so much more fulfilling. Sure, the kids can make me want to pull my hair out sometimes, but they also bring indescribable joy.

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LauraC said...

I am a library freak because then I get to read whatever I want when it comes out absolutely free!

Then anything I can't get through the library I try to get through Jon and I were both unemployed at the same time many years ago and that has shaped how we spend money.