Saturday, February 20, 2010


Today we took the kids to Portrait Innovations to get some photos made. And I want to give them some kudos. Not only did they put up with my kids, they are also clearly very well trained for what they do. They know how to relate to kids, and it seems clear to be that their training must include some child development as well. They know what to expect of each age group. I really like that.

And we got great pics! Who would have thought that as my baby was definitely experiencing stranger anxiety and only wanted to be held. She did not want to sit alone for photographs. And then my 3 year wanted to play with every prop they had in there. (We ended up with a picture of him with a hat on, which was not exactly part of the plan, but he looked cute none the less). Herding cats....

But anywho, we ended up with some really nice shots which made all the chaos worth it in the end.

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