Saturday, February 27, 2010

sauerkraut and liver pudding

These are two things I can't stand the smell of. And, unfortunately, my husband loves to eat them. Of course, those of you who know my husband knows he loves to eat, and try, just about anything. I like this about him. However, sometimes that good quality leads to me having a stinking house.
He does get bonus points today though. He bought
his pork and sauerkraut yesterday for his dinner tonight, and gave me some cash to go have fun on the town this evening so that I would have a night out, and would not have to smell his food. Very thoughtful of him. But, alas, Molly has a bit of a cold and is rather clingy so I don't feel good about leaving. And its very cold outside. I will probably get out and about tomorrow for a bit. Therefore, "enjoy" the smell of cabbage I will.

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