Monday, February 15, 2010

Things I love about babies

-- sweet pudgy round bellies
-- the way they sometimes sleep with on their tummies with their bums up in the air
-- how their hair is all fuzzy and stands up on top of their heads when just dried after a bath
-- how they can laugh just because you change the tone in your voice
-- how you can entertain them by just providing them some tupperware
-- how they get that look on their face that says "what? who me?"
-- baby toes
-- that you can just stare at them sleep
-- every outfit just looks adorable
-- the smell of their head
-- how the remote control is infinitely more interesting than any toy
-- that just when you think you've "got them down" they go and change on you again

Molly is sleeping peacefully next to me as I type this, and every so often takes a deep breath and makes her little baby sounds. Don't you wonder what babies must dream about?

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