Saturday, September 20, 2008

Modern customer service!

So how crazy is this? Not long after I wrote my last blog about my difficulties shopping with my 2 year old, I get this email from Lowes Foods:

"Good morning,

We saw the blog you posted about the frustration of shopping with a 2 year old Houdini. We may have the perfect solution for you.

Lowes Foods has a service in many areas called Lowes Foods to Go. The customer places the order on-line (or by calling the number below), a trained personal shopper shops the grocery order, and then the customer simply drives up and we load the groceries. We have many Moms who use the service regularly.

Because we think this is the perfect solution for your situation, we would like to offer a free 30-day certificate. You can shop as often as you'd like with no shopping fee."

Can you believe it? It's amazing that they can find my little blog so quickly. I do think that is a pretty neat way to provide customer service!

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KatrinLaurel said...


I've used Lowes Foods to go many, many times and highly recommend it.