Friday, September 5, 2008

Hola! Soy Dora!

My son has learned a good bit of Spanish from watching Dora the Explorer. While I find this show annoying sometimes, I have to say it's pretty cool what he has learned. And, of course, because he is learning Spanish, so am I!

It took a few times of him saying it for me to recognize it, but he needed help with something, and he said "Ayudeme! Ayudeme!" Help me! Then the other day when he was playing with his toys, he said "Sube, sube, sube" (Climb, climb, climb). Also, when he wanted me to open the door he said "Abra!" I do wonder if the spanish will stick with him, or whether it will go when Dora is no longer his favorite show. 

I am sure that many moms have become more well versed in Dora than they ever knew possible. Do you know all the characters? Tiko, the squirrel with the cool car. Swiper, that sneaky fox. Bennie the bull. Its probably fairly pitiful all the toddler entertainment that I have become acquainted with. If Jeopardy only had categories of Dora, Diego, and Lightning McQueen, I would be the champion! 

No, I don't think parking my kid in front of the television is the best thing ever. But I can tell he really is learning alot. And he does LOTS of other things during his day. And, guilty confession here, sometimes it is really nice for him to just sit quietly for a little while. Thank you, TV, for providing so many moms with a with few minutes of quiet to put our sanity meter back in the black. 

Adios, amigos! 


Lauren said...

That was a very good story ma'am. I sm only 9 years old, andi understand how amazed you are. Keep your child watching Dora, and keep him healthy. And by the way, you are a very beautiful woman!
Your friend,
Lauren McNair

Lauren said...