Friday, September 12, 2008

New tactic

Up until just recently, whenever my husband dropped off the little guy at day care, he would fuss and cry. He would quickly get over it after Daddy left, but none the less, he had to register his protest about being left at daycare. Never mind the fact that he has tons of fun when he is there.

But, he has figured out a new way to deal the with the situation. Instead of crying, he just get this pitiful look on his face and says "Bye, bye, daddy. Bye, bye." With just enough bottom lip hanging out. Even today, he pushed Daddy away and said "Bye, bye." And actually, my husband said it was easier to deal with when he cried!

I suppose he knows that crying doesn't work and instead he'll just do his best to induce parental guilt. How could we possibly leave him in a place where he gets to ride bikes, do crafts, play with his friends, and have good food? What kind of parents are we?

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