Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Need ideas.

Running out of ideas. Ideas of new and exciting things to keep my toddler busy. I have been to almost every park in the Triangle area. We have been the place with the jumpy inflatable things. We've been to the museum. We've been to about every child entertainment place. I have playdoh, I have paper and crayons, I have stickers.  I need some new ideas!! 

If anyone has some neat things they do with their toddler that they enjoy, please share!

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KatrinLaurel said...

Tearing Paper
Cutting Paper with scissors
gluing the cut paper on another
pour water from a mini pitcher to cup
make blue berry muffins
learn to crack eggs
dry erase markers on mirror
collect rocks in a basket
roll down a hill
buy carnations, cut stems, arrange in vase
sharpen pencils with manual sharpener (crank kind)
arrange beads on a board (Wal Mart)
sort all toys by color
count toys in each pile
drive car in driveway
wash dishes in sink (plastic) with lots of bubbles
go to pet store and pet four legged shoppers
jump in the puddles
go on stroller walk and let your son decide if you are going to turn left or right at each intersection--see where you end up