Thursday, September 18, 2008

Need some zen.

Never has anyone brought out the level of frustration as my 2 year old has. Why does it drive me to madness that he absolutely refuses to sit in a shopping cart for more than 2 minutes? Even if he is very securely buckled in, he finds a way to Houdini his way out of the seatbelt. But, if I let him down, he will only hold my hand for about 20 seconds... then chaos begins. 

I have had to abandon a cart in the middle of Target and the middle of Lowes Foods because he refuses to cooperate with  me. I don't even want to take him to the store anymore. 

I have to try to find a way to not let his stubborness get to me. I have to find a zen moment in the middle of Target that allows me to not get pissed off. This is my challenge.


LauraC said...

Good luck with that! ha ha. I find the 2s to be very trying and you can imagine how trying it is with two of them! I've reached my zen by accepting that at any point, I may need to leave a situation with 2 crying kids and not accomplishing my goal.

haleystarr said...

Bellamy was the same way. She could escape ANY restraint in a shopping cart. She was even able to get out of her car seat. It made me crazy.