Monday, March 8, 2010

blogging everyday

Ok, so the thing about blogging everyday is that sometimes it is hard to know what you want to write about. Somedays it's easy. Today is not one of those days. Remember that writing exercise where you are just supposed to write whatever comes to mind? Well, that's what I'll do today:

sleepy. should I read? Watch tv? Go to bed? I like pound cake but I need a good recipe. something moist. with a glaze. My feet hurt. I walked alot today. Molly is so sweet when she is sleeping. I love my kids. I had a very tasty dinner. I am so glad that hubby likes to cook. sleepy. time for bed soon. really hope molly has a good night tonight. I get cranky when I am tired. maybe will test drive a minivan tomorrow. have to go to chiropractor, then drop off boxes. then what? not sure.sleep. enough for tonight. good nite.

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