Monday, March 29, 2010

Emmett and Mommy time

Yesterday I took Emmett for a haircut, while Seth and Molly went to the grocery store. I think it's the first time Emmett and I have gone out on our own since Molly was born. I just usually have the both of them with me. I forgot how much easier it is just to focus on one kid!

Anyway, I finally got Emmett go to Great Clips for a haircut, instead of the expensive kids haircut place. Don't get me wrong, I am very thankful for the kids place. It was so good to have a place where the people enjoyed the kids, they had toys to play with while you wait, cool car and airplane chairs, little tv's for the kids to watch while they got their haircut, and lollipops when they were done. All of that really helped when Emmett was not enthusiastic about getting his haircut.

But now, he really doesn't mind getting a haircut. However, he was reluctant to go to a "normal" hair salon because he wasn't sure they would have lollipops. I told them they would, and he agreed to go. YEA! Only $10 for a haircut instead of $25! Score. He did great. And they did have lollipops! (I had a dum dum in my purse just in case they didn't, though).

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