Friday, March 26, 2010

Why does "no" have to be said multiple times?

Whenever Emmett is doing something that he is not supposed to, like tipping his chair back from the table for instance, why do I have say "Stop doing that. Emmett, please stop. Emmett, did you hear me? Stop. Now!" And even then, he will probably do it one more time. Why is this? Why do I have to repeat myself multiple times? Very frustrating.

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Anonymous said...

I have instituted a new rule in my house. If it is something I know I might have to say more than once, I attached a consequence to the act of needing to repeat myself.

"Lauren sit properly in your chair, or the next time I have to say it, you will have to stand up for the rest of the meal" She has had to eat standing up...but it works.