Thursday, March 4, 2010

A sentence I thought I would never say

I want to get a minivan.

Ugh. I seriously thought I would never say that. I used to think the only rational reason to get a minivan was if you had 4 kids. But I only have 2. And I want one. Here's why:

1. To be able to drive to the beach for vacation without having things shoved in the door pockets and under the passengers feet.
2. So that the back of my seat won't get kicked as easily
3. So it will be easier to toss the kids in with the sliding doors.
4. So we can buy and haul large items from Home Depot and Ikea.
5. So we can have guests go with us somewhere without having to take multiple cars.

And if I could get whatever I want, I'd like to have the leather seats for easy wipe down, and the built in DVD player.

Ok, so I may succomb to the minivan. But I swear I will never have a magnetic soccer ball, megaphone, or honor roll sticker on it...... just don't quote me on that.

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LauraC said...

We only had one car for a long time. When we bought our second car, Jon forced me to go to a car show to check out cars. I thought this was a dumb idea but it was BRILLIANT! Every manufacturer has every model of car on display with no pressure to buy, all in one place. Perfect for parents!

Anyway we thought our dream car was a wagon for many of the reasons you described but after sitting in tons of wagons we did not like them. Then we thought minivan but again, did not like them. We ended up with a Honda CRV and have never once regretted the decision.

Leather seats and built-in GPS = AWESOME.