Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscar night

Well, it's Oscar night. This is another thing that has changed for me since having kids. Used to be that I would have seen most of the top movies, actually know who all the actors are, and be up on what was fashionable. Now? Not so much.

My son was born in 2006 and since then my knowledge of films has taken a nose dive. I don't think I have been to the movie theater more than 2-3 times since. Renting movies you say? Well, a few times, but really, I just can't stay up that late after the kids are in bed to watch a whole movie. And watching it in segments just takes more commitment than I have. And honestly, when the hubby and I do have date time, seeing a movie is no longer at the top of our list of things to do. We rather just go somewhere we can have a conversation without getting interrupted.

So, with even having 10 movies up for best picture, can you guess what the only one I have seen is? Yep.... "Up". Shock.. an animated film!

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