Saturday, March 6, 2010

sun does wonders

The sun was out today! And it was so nice. It really is amazing how much your mood can be lifted by just spending some time out in the sun. I am so looking forward to spring and getting out more.

We all went to our friend's house this afternoon where Emmett had a chance to feed some bread to their chickens. He even made a trail of bread crumbs they could follow into their coop. They have several chickens of various types, I particularly liked the one with the black and white feathers. I would like to have chickens, but it is currently against our HOA rules. Emmett loved running around and Molly took a nap in her car seat the whole visit.

Our friends had recently cut down a dead huge old oak tree in their yard, and Seth was excited to get a few pieces to take home and have for his wood projects. We also discussed our respective upcoming spring veggie garden plans as well, and exchanged some of our canned marmalade and cranberry sauce for some of their eggs and applesauce.

A nice country visit! :)

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