Monday, March 22, 2010

Speaking of Ikea

I really want to go to Ikea. However, it is located about 2 hours from us. What I really want is this shoe rack that is also a bench. And a few other things for the kids. But do I really want to spend 4 hours driving and the better part of a day for a shoe rack bench? (and swedish meatballs). I always enjoy a good run through Ikea, but I have a hard time letting myself spend a whole day on such an outing.

On another note, tomorrow is hubby's birthday! And I haven't had a chance to do anything for him yet. But, I do have Wednesday off, so we are delaying his celebration by one day so that I will have a chance to make him a cake and get him a present. I wish I had more time to plan and do things like this.

Having so little time is one of the toughest thing as a parent to me. I have even learned to speed shop. I stopped by Carters on the way from work to get some spring clothes for the kids as the weather has been getting warm. But I didn't want to get home too late as little Molly goes to sleep pretty soon after I get home. So, I think I picked out about 12 outfits in about 12 minutes and I was on my way. Crazy. But who has time to browse? Browse. Maybe I will get to do some browsing in the future. What a luxury word!

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