Friday, March 26, 2010

Goodbye kiss

After having our neighbors over this evening, Emmett was saying goodbye to their daughter, a little girl who is about a year older than Emmett.

As they were leaving the house, Emmett says "I want to give her a kiss."

I said "Well, I don't know Emmett, you'll need to ask her, maybe you can just give her a hug."

"No, I want to give her a kiss" Emmett says.

Then the little girl puts the hood of her sweater over her face. Emmett's kiss is thwarted. He starts to cry and comes back in the house.

Poor guy. We told him that she was just shy and that not to worry about it and that she really liked playing with him. He accepted that. We couldn't help but sort of laugh to ourselves about it, though.

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